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2008 NYCDCC Election Poll

Since the NYCDCC 2008 Election Poll results here were somehow corrupted and thereby lost, out of curiosity after recent events, for whom would you now vote?

Poll Started 2009-09-11

Whom would you prefer for NYCDCC EST?

Whom would you prefer for NYCDCC President?

Whom would you prefer for NYCDCC Vice President?


FAIR DEAL 2008 Slate Introduction

Hello Fellow Carpenters,

In the upcoming NYCDCC 2008 Election, Daniel J. Franco is running for Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Ulric Todman for President and William Davenport for Vice President. Together, we are the FAIR DEAL 2008 Slate.

What we will do is provide true representation to the membership of the NYC carpenters' local unions by providing honest leadership, greater financial and activities transparency and openness. We will be accountable and responsive to the membership. We will be working for the members as members.

We want to hear from you about your concerns and interests. We want to know how you want our union to be.

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