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2008 NYCDCC Election Poll

Since the NYCDCC 2008 Election Poll results here were somehow corrupted and thereby lost, out of curiosity after recent events, for whom would you now vote?

Poll Started 2009-09-11

Whom would you prefer for NYCDCC EST?

Whom would you prefer for NYCDCC President?

Whom would you prefer for NYCDCC Vice President?


They Will Always Rule Against You

Rich, the following is in response to your 2008-12-03 06:49 PM Cbox post, “[You’re] appealing to the wrong party. They will always rule against you because they want you out naturally. File a complaint with the DOL arguing discrimination and let the DOL not some council or UBC asswipe determine if you were indeed ever a contractor which you clearly were not.”

I knew before even being nominated that my former company was going to be an issue. If the Unity Team didn’t pick-up on this it would have been blatantly obvious that they were inattentive to my history and would have invited much further questioning their inattentiveness about other matters. Additionally, I knew their attempt to use my former company against me would likely eventually backfire upon them because they didn’t know that I requested to become a shop signatory and that I had been seeking a CBA to cover the residential market.

I knew well before their submission of the complaint of allegedly being a “contractor” was presented and was ruled upon the NYCDCC Election Committee they would rule that I was a contractor because they are bound by the letter of the UBC Constitution. However, if this case was brought before a judge, who having discrepancy over such matters and taking into account precedence and actual implementation of the UBC Constitution and CBA’s, it is quite possible that I have been allowed to retain my eligibility. However, this would require more money and time than I can afford and would not have happened before the upcoming election. Additionally, there are other arguments and remedies still available.

I know that the order of events will usually proceed as - first they will ignore, then they will ridicule, then they will attack, and then there will be truth (and those who were hiding something will lose).

Nonetheless, I must exhaust internal remedies first for two reasons. One, I prefer/need to request from and give to our representatives the opportunity to respond and act. Two, if/when they fail or refuse to respond and act then I have gained personal experience to further understand directly who, what, where, when, why, and how. With this information and understanding, either I have provided additional weight to their defense or to their removal. I am not out to get anyone. I have no vendetta. Simply, I do not agree with many of the actions and inactions of the NYCDCC representatives and want to correct the direction from the one we have been traveling.

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