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2008 NYCDCC Election Poll

Since the NYCDCC 2008 Election Poll results here were somehow corrupted and thereby lost, out of curiosity after recent events, for whom would you now vote?

Poll Started 2009-09-11

Whom would you prefer for NYCDCC EST?

Whom would you prefer for NYCDCC President?

Whom would you prefer for NYCDCC Vice President?


Unity Team Opposition

oneguy, the following is in response to your 2008-12-07 12:07 PM Cbox post, “When was the last time there was a viable opposition effort. In all practical sense they're running UNOPOSSED. This is what they take to bed.”

As uncertainly as Todman and Davenport are, and I was, to be elected, the Unity Team hasn’t ever had as strong and large of an opposition as we have presented in less than two months. Even though I was deemed ineligible as a candidate for the NYCDCC 2008 Election on a technicality doesn’t mean I have stopped working to address the problems that need to be corrected. I was working for correction before the election and I will continue to work after the election. Running in the NYCDCC 2008 election has allowed us to discover information more quickly and deeply, to show openly and directly that there is discontentment amongst the members, to address many of our union’s issues, and to force corrective action sooner.

The only time we will have a union that works strongly toward the interests of the members is when the members are strongly interested in our union. A few strongly interest members will accomplish only so much change that will last for only for so long. Government or court control or oversight will never achieve a lasting affect without strong member interest. Asking the government or the court to remedy a union ailment is akin to asking our parents to remedy problems amongst our (literal) siblings, even though we are supposedly adults.

We must not be naïve, fearful, or apathetic. The only way we can achieve lasting correction is for us the members to reduce, if not eliminate, naïvety, fear, and apathy. For us to work continuously together to supply to all members plentiful accurate information, to marginalize bullies, to expose criminals, and to inspire rather than penalize members to act. We must work together continuously to create a culture whereby all members want and are enabled to better our union.

Again, though I am “out”, I am not “down” and even though it is the EST who delegates responsibilities to the President and Vice President, the EST alone is incapable of running the NYCDCC. Having Todman and Davenport elected will nevertheless achieve considerable progress toward reviving and strengthening our union and implementing the members’ interests.

Furthermore, when Forde is deemed ineligible to hold his position, so too will Thomassen and Sheil. The contested election should default to the remaining eligible candidates with the most votes. With Todman will become President, being the only remaining candidate for President, along with Davenport being the far most likely to be Vice President. With the EST position vacant, according to UBC Constitution, Section 32B, the President may appoint an EST pro-tem until an election is held to fill the vacancy, which would be December 2011.

Section 32 B When vacancies occur in any elective office of a Local Union, the President of the Local Union may appoint a qualified member to fill the vacancy pro tem, until such time as an election is held to fill the vacancy. When a vacancy occurs in any elective office of a Council, the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Council may appoint a qualified member to fill the vacancy pro tem, until such time as an election is held to fill the vacancy. If no Executive Secretary-Treasurer position exists or such position is vacant, the President of the Council may make such pro-tem appointment

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